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More about Hannah

Hannah has a great passion for all things art, from music to dance and theatre, drawing and artwork, and much more. She comes from a musical family and was encouraged into music at a young age.

She began her musical journey with the recorder. This gave her a basic music understanding and led her to picking up the flute. After playing the flute for a number of years, Hannah was given her first violin at the age of 7. The violin quickly became her first choice of a musical instrument, while still keeping up with the flute. She played the flute in a number of marching and non-marching concert bands, as well as playing the flute and violin (though obviously not at the same time) in many different orchestras. Because of a lack of double bass players, Hannah was encouraged to learn this instrument and move from the violin section to the double bass section of the orchestras, often being the only one. She has continued to add instruments throughout the years including cello, viola, ukulele, keyboard and hand-bells. Hannah began teaching violin in 2013, the cello in 2016, and ukulele and viola shortly after.

Hannah hopes to continue her music journey and encourage, and inspire, others to share her love of music.

Rockingham & Mandurah

in-person and online sessions available

Rockingham & Mandurah

in-person and online sessions available